Kienyeji chicken farming

Where to sell kienyeji chicken in Kenya

You can sell your kienyeji chicken in one of the following places;

kienyeji chicken, where to sell your kienyeji chicken

  • A physically local market.

You can sell your kienyeji chicken at a local market. Have you ever been to the section where animals are sold in a local market? For those who were born and raised in towns, this may be a foreign subject.. but it is absolutely possible to sell your kienyeji chicken in a local market. The problem, however, is that you might have to go through a middleman in order to get a suitable price for the total number of chickens that you have to sell. Take a walk around your local market and discover these places!

  • Middlemen or brokers.

Brokers are people who arrange deals or business transactions on behalf of buyers or sellers. Once a broker is involved in a business transaction, both the buyer and the seller will have to compensate him for his or her services. For the case of selling kienyeji chicken, engaging a broker is a suitable way of selling kienyeji chicken especially in times when you urgently need to sell your flock for emergencies.

  • Neighborhood.

Being in a good neighborhood makes it easier for you to market your kienyeji chicken. Selling your kienyeji chicken to your area neighbors can be a great source of reliable income for your poultry business. Depending on your location, you can make a decent amount of cash from marketing your kienyeji chicken to your neighbors. Marketing in this case is most suitable done through word of mouth and not any other method that may cause discomfort to your neighbors.

  • Online Marketplaces.

In the online space, anyone can make a quick shilling from selling kienyeji chicken. Online marketplaces are great sources of income for numerous kienyeji chicken farmers. There are marketplaces that are free and those that are paid. The paid ones are relatively more effective because of the wider reach that they have. To test out any marketplace, search for reviews on the internet before looking to sell your kienyeji chicken on their platform through either free listings or paid listings.

  • Hotels and Restaurants.

Hotels and restaurants love kienyeji chicken. They are mostly busy and can even buy your kienyeji chicken in bulk. In order to find a suitable hotel or restaurant, you need to look in busy towns and cities. Having a variety of both kienyeji chicken and broilers can put you massively ahead of your competition. Keep in mind that your select hotel or restaurant will be receiving criticism for your chicken, so pay attention to what you feed your kienyeji chicken so as not to lose out.


Digital Marketing and how it can grow your kienyeji chicken business.

Online marketing, although not very popular in Kenya, is the selling of goods and services through the internet. There may be a little bit of controversy in regards to the selling of animals on online platforms but there are ways in which it can be done appropriately. Digital marketing has so far brought profit to thousands of businesses by obtaining customers through either social media platforms, search engines, or through paid advertising.

When thinking about how to sell your kienyeji chicken, your target is to make money and pocket your profit. But how about if you made an impact and were able to repeat the process over and over again by coming up with a suitable online business?

Basically, there are a number of ways in which you can sell your kienyeji chicken online;

  1. Online advertisements. (Paid advertisements)
  2. Whatsapp and Facebook Groups. (Although things are changing)
  3. Creating a simple website.


FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How much is a kg of Kienyeji chicken?

The prices of kienyeji chicken usually depend on the season, location, and the prices of kienyeji chicken feed in the market. The bigger the size, the higher the price. A kilogram of kienyeji chicken can range from about 500 to 600 kshs.


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