RUNNER DUCKS. Evereything you need to know!

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Runner Duck Breeds.

Runner ducks are birds belonging to the duck family. Their distinctive upright body makes them stand out among other breeds. Their scientific name is Anas platyrhynchos domesticus. They come in different varieties including the Fawn and White, the White, the Penciled, the Black, the Gray, the chocolate,the Buff and the Cumberland Blue.
These birds have a peculiar body structure. They have a long and straight head, a lean neck and an upright back.Their feathers are tightly attached to their bodies.Drakes have a small curl on the tip of their tails, while hens have flat tails. These birds are friendly but also timid and anxious.
The Indian Runner ducks exist in different colours like Apricot Dusky, Apricot Trout, Black, Blue, Blue Trout, Chocolate, Fawn, Silver, Trout and White.They have a life expectancy of 8-12 years.


Duck, Wild, Aqueous, Bird, Female, MaleLAYING OF EGGS.

The hen can lay about 300 to 350 eggs a year. The eggs are large and are pestel green in colour. Sadly runner ducks hardly incubate their own eggs and they dont look after their ducklings. Artificial incubators could be a good option for farmers who want to increase their flock.

Owing to their egg-laying ability, the Indian Runner Duck was crossbred to produce designer ducks such as Khaki Campbells, Buff Orpingtons and the rush of Light Duck breeds.



Ducks are lively creatures therefore they would appreciate ample space wherever they are kept. These birds cannot fly and as the name suggests they are good runners hence an open space would be desirable.
They are good at swimming, therefore, they won’t mind a sizeable pond.


Runner Ducks, Ducks, Garden, FamilyWHAT DO THEY EAT

Ducks are good foragers making worms, mosquito larvae snails, flies and slugs a good part of their diet.



Eggshells need calcium and phosphorus for their formation. Therefore commercial layers’ pellets are highly recommended.



Just like many birds starters are used for the ducklings after which duck grower pellets with low protein content are introduced.
Most importantly dont feed the ducks without giving them clean water.



  • Runner ducks are known for their egg-laying capabilities therefore they are majorly bred for their eggs.
  • Their eggs have an exceptional flavour making them excellent in baking.
  • They also have tasty meat though they are not large meat ducks like the Khaki campbell and the Rouen duck.
  • In addition, their feathers could be used as ornaments or they could be used to stuff pillows and cushions.
  • They could also be kept as pets since they are friendly and entertaining.
  • They also help in pest control as they eat insects and slugs.
  • Their waste could also be used as a natural fertilizer.



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