Most Profitable Fruits to Grow in Kenya.

What are the most profitable fruits to grow in Kenya?


Fruit trees are valuable additions to any farm, and they can be grown in a variety of climates. In Kenya, fruit trees have historically been a profitable venture for farmers. The most profitable fruits in Kenya include avocados, mangoes, passion fruits (also known as granadillas), oranges, and bananas.

  • Avocados

Most Profitable Fruits to Grow in Kenya.The avocado is one of the most profitable fruit to grow in Kenya. In fact, they’re one of the best fruits you can grow if you have a small amount of space available for your orchards. Avocado trees have long lives and produce for many years before they die down, making them ideal for home growers who are looking for something to earn some extra cash with on their property without having to give up too much space or time.

Another thing that makes avocados such excellent options is their ability to thrive in almost any climate. As long as there’s enough sun exposure, these wonderful perennial trees will flourish even during dry seasons due to their high tolerance levels against drought conditions! This makes them perfect choices if you live somewhere where your local weather patterns aren’t always reliable—and believe us when we say this: most places around Kenya tend towards unpredictable types of weather patterns every few months…

  • Banana

Most Profitable Fruits to Grow in Kenya.Banana is a great choice for farmers. It’s relatively simple to grow and can be grown in large quantities, even on small farms. Because ripe bananas are more valuable than green ones, you’ll want to plan your harvest schedule accordingly—and make sure you keep an eye out for pests like rats and birds!

Farmers with limited space should consider planting bananas because they require very little room in the ground or in containers. They also don’t need much water or light to survive during their growing season, making them perfect for areas where there may not be enough resources available for other types of fruit trees (or anything else). If you’re considering opening up a business selling bananas after growing them yourself, just remember that these plants need regular maintenance throughout their life cycle so they don’t end up producing less than expected at harvest time!

  • Passion fruits

Most Profitable Fruits to Grow in Kenya.Passion fruit is a flowering plant. Passion fruits are harvested when they are fully ripe and can be eaten as a food or used in cooking. Passion fruits have long been cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas, where they grow on trees or shrubs with both male and female flowers.

It is said to be one of the most delicious tropical fruits, but you should use fresh passion fruit pulp immediately after opening because it loses its flavor quickly if left out for a period of more than an hour.(72°F/22°C).

  • Oranges

Most Profitable Fruits to Grow in Kenya.Oranges are a good source of vitamin C, and they’re also rich in fiber. You can eat them fresh, juice them, and make marmalade, juice, and jam. The recipe for orange syrup is simple:

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 cup water

2 oranges – sliced thinly (not peeled)

Fruit trees have historically been a profitable venture for farmers

Fruit trees have historically been a profitable venture for farmers. They are perennial, meaning they last for years and don’t require constant replanting. Fruit trees are also easy to grow and maintain, requiring little maintenance after they are planted. Finally, fruit trees can be harvested regularly throughout their lives—sometimes every year if you want!


Fruit trees have historically been a profitable venture for farmers. They require little effort, and they can be planted just about anywhere there is land available. If you have the space, then these plants are a great way to add some extra income with minimal investment required from start-up costs. All of these trees will require some maintenance over time due to pests which may affect their growth if left untreated



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