Butchery Business in Kenya.

Starting a Butchery in Kenya.

A business plan is a crucial part of starting any new business, especially when it comes to meat products. The plan will help you determine how much money you want to invest in your company and what type of equipment and other requirements you need to set up shop.


Butchery Business Plan in Kenya

Importance of Butchery Business in Kenya. A butchery business is an investment that can make you earn a lot of money, but it has a great risk involved. You will be required to buy some expensive equipment and invest a lot of money in this business. This is why many people are reluctant to start this type of business because they fear that they may lose all their investments. However, if you have faith in yourself and your ability to run the butcher shop successfully then go ahead and start it right now!


  1. Executive summary

The purpose of this business plan is to establish a butchery, which will offer meat processing services for local consumers as well as export. The business will have a central location in Nairobi and employ one full-time employee who will be responsible for marketing, sales, accounting and management. It aims to help reduce food wastage by converting unused animal parts into affordable beef jerky and sausage products that can be sold to individuals or restaurants.

The following are the key objectives:

  • To produce quality beef and sausages at low costs;
  • To engage with communities through educational awareness campaigns on how they can reduce food wastage;
  • To provide an alternative source of income to marginalized farmers living in arid rural areas who cannot grow enough livestock during dry seasons; *To ensure customer satisfaction by offering flexible delivery schedules according to individual needs as well as providing regular communication through phone calls or emails so that no orders go uncompleted; *To expand operations globally within five years after establishing operations locally because there is a large demand for cheap meat products in the global market
  1. Description of business

Your butcher shop is located in the heart of Nairobi’s business district. You sell meat products to lunchtime buyers and kenyan families alike. Your market includes a wide range of people with different incomes, lifestyles and dietary needs.

You are known for your high quality cuts and freshness, making you a popular choice among discerning customers who demand only the best in their diet.

Your customers include:

  • Construction workers looking for nutritious meals after work
  • Office workers keeping up with their daily protein requirements while not eating at home
  • Students living on campus who have limited cooking facilities
  1. Market research and sales strategy

What is your target market? How do you plan to reach them? What kinds of products will attract them and make them want to buy from you? Do you have any competition in your area, and if so, how do you plan on differentiating yourself from them (i.e., product offerings or price points)?

  1. Management and organization

As such, you should make sure that your butchery business has a good management team that can steer the ship in the right direction. It’s also important to have an organized warehouse space so that all your raw materials are stored carefully and neatly. Additionally, you’ll want to establish a system for keeping track of sales figures and inventory so that you know what’s selling best at any given time.

  1. Financial analysis

Financial projections: You can create a financial plan to see how your business will perform over the next two years. This will help you determine what profits you need to achieve each month for it to be sustainable in the long term and allow for growth as needed. The following are some questions to ask yourself when creating this plan:

  • How much money will I need from my savings? Do I have enough savings to start up? Can I borrow from family or friends? What about financing through a bank, microfinance institution or other lender? Are there other ways that I could raise capital for my meat shop business?
  • How much raw material do I need each month? What is the cost of these raw materials in Nairobi (or where ever your butcher shop is located)? How much packaging material is necessary per day/week/month/year etc.? What price am I paying per day/week/month etc.? Are there any discounts available if buying bulk quantities at one time instead of purchasing small amounts throughout several days or weeks at different times which would mean spending more on transport costs because they take longer distances between locations than walking distance between shops!

As a butcher, you’ll have your own set of tools. These include:

  • Meat saw
  • Meat cleaver
  • Knife sharpener or grinder for knife sharpening (you can buy them online)

These are some of the things you will need to set up your butchery business. You can also purchase other equipment like grinders as well as marinade dispensers online if you don’t want to spend money on making these items yourself.


Butchery is an old and traditional trade that has been practiced for over a thousand years. It’s no wonder that many people want to get involved in the butchering industry because there are many benefits of doing so. The first benefit of being a butcher is that it offers employment opportunities for those who want to make money from their own business without having to work for someone else. Butchers also have more autonomy than other types of tradesmen since they can manage their own schedules and choose when they want to work



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