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6 OF The Best Business to start in Kenya.

Why start a small business in Kenya?

Kenya is a great place to start a business. The country has a lot of potential, and it’s one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. It’s also considered safe enough that even American tourists feel comfortable visiting Kenya (though you should still take precautions). You can even start businesses from home without leaving your room if that’s what works best for you!


Kenya is a great place to start a business. The country’s economy is growing, and its young and tech-savvy population make it an attractive market for entrepreneurs. If you have ever wanted to get into the African market, then Kenya is the best place to start!

Why should you consider starting your new business in Kenya? Here are some reasons:

  • It has a huge potential for growth.
  • It’s considered one of the top emerging markets in Africa (and even on the continent).
  • It’s located close to other countries such as Tanzania, Uganda and South Sudan which makes it easier to expand your business across borders if needed (you can also do cross-selling or local advertising).

Business ideas you can start in Kenya.

  • An online grocery business
  • A mobile phone repair shop
  • A website design agency

In addition to the above, you can also try starting a blog or a personal development business. If you choose to start a blog, make sure it’s built around a topic that other people will want to read about. For example, if you love writing about travel then it would be great if you created an online travel guide website where people could go learn more about different destinations in Kenya and the rest of the world.

1. Toilet paper business

Toilet paper business is a good option because the demand for toilet paper is always high. If you are wondering how to start a toilet paper business, here are some tips:

  • Establishing an office and hiring staff will cost money. Therefore, it is important that you have enough capital before starting your own business. This will help in getting the best deals on materials as well as saving on transportation costs since there are many suppliers spread across the country or continent where you can buy from at wholesale prices
  • You should consider whether or not employees will be able to follow rules regarding hygiene and cleanliness at all times while they work in order to ensure that customers feel safe using products produced by your company
  • In addition, some people may refrain from purchasing goods manufactured by new companies due to lack of trust; thus creating difficulty when trying selling products under their name

2. The Mitumba Business

You can set up your own online shop, using a platform like Shopify or WooCommerce. If you have an existing sales site, you can also sell second-hand goods there.

Selling them in a physical shop

If you’re looking to open a physical store, look out for vacant shops that are located near residential areas in high traffic areas of town. When choosing the location of your store, consider how much rent it will cost you per month as well as how many customers there are who may be interested in buying these items from your store. You may also want to consider opening up a pop-up stall at events where buyers would be likely to come by such as flea markets or car boot sales.

3. E-waste recycling business

These are devices that may be obsolete, broken or just redundant. Examples include phones, computers, TVs and other household appliances.

  • How can you recycle e-wastes?

E-wastes can be recycled in several ways depending on their material composition and physical condition. Some are dismantled so that their component parts can be reused by other manufacturers while others are shredded for reuse as raw materials for new products such as plastic pellets for making polymers. Others still go through processes like smelting which involves heating metal alloys at high temperatures until they melt into liquid form then separating them out from impurities like silicon dioxide and iron oxide usually found in ore concentrates produced during coal mining operations (called slag).

4. Hotel and lodging business

Hotel and lodging business is a good business to start in Kenya. You can start the business with a small capital of about Kshs5 million and the registration process requires less than 10 days. The profitability of this business is very high, as you only need to buy a building (which you can do from home), pay an annual rent on it, and let your tenants pay for any renovations they want to make. To get started, all you need is a loan from one of the many banks that offer loans specifically for hotel businesses. This ensures that even if you don’t have enough money to start up, you’ll still be able to get started right away.

The main benefit of owning your own hotel/lodging facility is that it’s easy to manage—you only need one person working part-time during peak seasons when demand increases significantly.

5. Computer services/maintenance and repair

Computer services can be offered to individuals or businesses. Computer services include repairing, upgrading and configuring computer hardware and software. Computer maintenance involves checking the computer for hardware and software problems. Computer repair involves fixing hardware and software problems.

6. Taxidermy business

  • Taxidermy

Taxidermy is the art of preserving the body of an animal. This is achieved by mounting a specimen to a base and then covering it with a layer of wax, which protects the animal’s skin from decay while also giving it an elegant look. Taxidermists use their skills to preserve dead animals and other specimens in various ways; this can include stuffing them with hair or fabric, mounting them on wooden bases or using wire frames to create mobile structures that allow you to move them around your shop easily. You will need a special permit from Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) before you can start taxidermy business in Kenya on your own; this involves undergoing training at one of their facilities for several months before being granted permission by KWS officials

These are just some of the small businesses you can start in Kenya.

These are just some of the small businesses you can start in Kenya. You can also start a business in Kenya for a fee or even one that is free with no fee.

Starting a business in Kenya is a great idea. You will be able to earn money, make new friends and have fun at the same time. If you want to start your own company, then there are many options available for you! All these ideas are easy-to-learn and can make you money fast



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